Standards-Based Grading

Standards-based grading is an innovation in education that focuses on learning and helps increase achievement. It is often combined with updated instructional practices and culture to better engage students and foster a positive environment.


Spreadsheet & Form


A shared spreadsheet, with four worksheets, has been developed that allows for capturing the subject area for a course. Courses have been broken down by elementary school, middle school, high school, and Southeastern. By denoting subject areas for courses, the form being developed for capturing associated standards can be designed for increased efficiency.

The four worksheets are ES (elementary school), MS (middle school), HS (high school), and SAS (Southeastern). Each worksheet has three columns reflecting the Course Number, Course Name, and Responsible Area.

three columns showing the course name, course number, reponsible area, and the 4 worksheet tabs at the bottom

What is the Responsible Area column?

The Responsible Area column is a drop-down pick list containing subject areas (eight selections).

Language Arts is only used for elementary, and Secondary Lang Arts is used for middle and high.


How to I fill in the Worksheets?

It is expected that a knowledgable staff member would change, where applicable, the cell value to the appropriate subject area. It is possible to change the value of a cell to a subject area (e.g. Math), copy the cell, and paste it in other applicable cells.

(you can click on the image to see a larger version)


A form has been created for capturing the standards associated with a course. The form is designed to increase accuracy and efficiency in data collection. Selections made in the form will allow the minimization of choices for other sections in the form. The initial presentation of the form is minimal, and will have new sections appears based on selections on Subject Area and School Level


What is Subject Area?

The Subject Area consists of eight choices associated with seven primary subject areas. Selection in this area links to the approver of the standards when submitted for the course. The approval process is currently in development. The Subject Area choices are

  • CTE
  • Fine Arts
  • History and Social Science
  • Math
  • Science and PE
  • World Langauge
  • Elementary Language Arts
  • Secondary Language Arts


What is School Level?

School Level reflects the type of school. The selection will add a section with the names of the schools for that level. The School Level choices are

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School

For example, when selecting Elementary School, the list of elementary schools will be displayed.

One or more of the schools listed can be selected. Selecting Middle School will display the middles schools, and selecting High School will display the high schools.

Southeastern has its own form for submitting the standards.


What is the Courses Section?

Based on the Subject Area and the School Level choices, the courses associated with those selections will be available in a drop-down list. For example, if Math and Elementary School area selected, a drop-down list will appear that contains the elementary math courses.

drop-down list showing courses for elementary math

One or more courses can be selected from the drop-down list. The choices will appear in gray boxes. A selection can be removed by clicking the red X. You can also start typing after selecting the drop-down to quickly navigate the list.

Animated image showing multiple selection of courses

What is the Standard Group Identifier?

Unique identifier for the standards group created. Additional information will be completed by Applications Services.

What is the Standard Group Name?

Unique name (linked to Standard Group Identifier) for the standards group created. Additional information will be provided by Applications Services.

What is the Standards area?

The Standards area is where staff will fill out the standards associated with the course(s) selected. Each standard defined consists of

  • Sequence: the order number (numeric value) for the standard (to be clarified by Application Services)
  • Standard Abbreviation: Short version description of the title. (to be clarified by Application Services)
  • Standard Title: Long version description of the standard. (to be clarifified by Application Services)

There can be one or more standards created per form. After entering the information for a standard, selecting Add another standard will create a new entry to be filled in. A Delete button will appear to allow the removal of an entry before it is submitted. When complete, clicking the Submit button will added the entry to a spreadsheet. The associated instructional supervisor will be notified to approve or deny the entry (under development)