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FCPS Zoom EDU Platform

FCPS has a subscription to the Zoom web-conferencing EDU platform for faculty, staff and student use. The FCPS branded landing page makes it easy for staff to login, and students to join a meeting. No matter where education takes place, Zoom can help engage students, faculty, and staff for learning, collaboration, and administration.  Zoom enables FERPA /HIPAA compliance and provides 256-bit AES encryption.

NOTE: all staff accounts enrolled in the FCPS EDU platform enrolled as basic get unlimited minutes and meetings until July 31, 2021.


Staff Access

Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS), with support from Zoom, enabled staff to access Zoom using their FCPS1.org login credentials. This single-sign on (SSO) implementation minimizes the need to remember another password. However, it does require a user to select the SSO option in the Zoom app, or when logging in from the main Zoom page. If you use the FCPS Zoom landing page, you will/may be prompted to log into your FCPS1.org account.

Logging in Through the Landing Page

  • Start by going to the FCPS Zoom landing page at http://fcps1-org.zoom.us
    • fcps1-org.zoom.us is referred to as the Company Domain
  • The landing page has two options; Join and FCPS1.org
    • Join allows someone to join a meeting with the meeting ID and a password.
      • If the host requires authentication, the user will be prompted to log into their Zoom account.
  • FCPS1.org is used to allow staff to log into Zoom with their FCPS1.org username and password.
    • If they don’t already have an account, one will be created.
    • If staff created an account with their FCPS1.org account prior to the Zoom EDU platform, they will be prompted to consolidate their account.
  • When the FCPS1.org button is selected, the user may be prompted to log into their FCPS1.org account using their email address and current password.
    • If the user is already logged into their acount in the browser, then they will not be prompted to login.
  • A successful login to Zoom will present the user with their dashboard. Selecting Profile will provide information about their account.
    • The Personal Meeting ID should show https://fcps1-org.zoom.us


Logging in Through the Zoom app

[ outline ]

  • Start up Zoom app on computer
  • Select Sign in with SSO
    • Displays Company Domain box (maybe be prefilled with fcps1-org)
  • Browser will open after selecting Continue button
    • Prompts for Microsoft login (fcps1.org email address)
      • Login with fcps1.org account, pop-up to launch Zoom app
  • Zoom app will open into fcps1.org Zoom account.



Logging in Through a Browser
  • If a staff member goes to Zoom’s main landing page then they should select SIGN IN from the upper-right corner.

zoom main screen showing SIGN IN in upper right

  • This will present the standard Zoom login window. Do not fill in the dialog boxes for Email Address and Password. Instead, select SSO which is below the Sign In button.

zoom login window showing SSO highlighed and a red X through email/password login

  • Selecting SSO may take the user back to the FCPS Zoom landing page
  • It may also take you to the Zoom Sign In with SSO page. For the Company Domain prompt, enter fcps1-org, then click Continue.  This should cause the Zoom account page appear for the user.

    zoom company domain page showing fcps1-org filled in, Continue button is shown also

Student Access

FCPS students use their GSuite account (fcps1schools.net) to access Zoom meetings with staff. When FCPS staff create a Zoom meeting, they may share the link to the meeting, or may provide the meeting code and password. In either case, the student will be required to login with their GSuite credentials.

NOTE: Zoom will be release an update to the EDU platform that will not require student accounts to exist in the platform. The student will only be required to login with their GSuite credentials to validate themselves for a meeting. Existing GSuite accounts (fcps1schools.net) will be removed at that time.

Logging in With Meeting Code/Password

fcps zoom landing page with join meeting button and fcps1.org button

 [ to be filled in – student clicks on Join, then provides meeting code and password. May require the student to login with GSuite account (fcps1schools.net)


Logging in Through the Windows Zoom App
  • After opening up the Windows Zoom app, the user is presented with a login screen. Select Join a Meeting
    • The user will be prompted for a meeting code and password.


Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom provides a wealth of information for users to help them with use of the product. The FAQs found on this page are the most common ones we received from FCPS staff.

Basic versus Pro License Account

[ to be filled in – what features do you get with Pro, and does everyone need them ]

Authentication for Meeting Attendance

[ to be filled in – without authentication required for a meeting, then anyone can attend the meeting who has the link ]