As a device-agnostic solution, Vivi runs seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop and on any operating system. It works with any projector or screen. Students seamlessly share their work via screen sharing, with teacher permission, facilitating improved learning outcomes, collaboration and critical thinking. 


Vivi Platform

School Board Office

Fauquier County Public Schools has three Vivi units at the School Board Office. One is located in the large conference room, one in the small conference room, and the other is in the Superintendent’s office. All units support guest access to use the platform. 

Each Vivi is connect to a display device. The two conference rooms use a projector with the Vivi, while the Superintendent’s office uses a Jamboard display.

What software do I need?
How do I connect to the Vivi units?

Please note: The Windows Vivi application is a portable version that can take a little time (10-15 seconds) to start up.

After starting up the Vivi application, the user will be asked to provide the name of the school division.

fau should be enough to present Fauquier Count Public Schools as a selection. When it appears, click on it.

On the next screen displayed, select Login in as Guest. All Vivi units in the School Board Office have guest access available.

vivi screen showing login as guest button highlighed

The Guest screen has two prompts

  • Guest Code – enter the Vivi Guest Code for the room
    • Large Conference Room – JSZM
    • Small Conference Room – NDSO
    • Superintendent’s Office –  XOLU
  • Name – enter your first and last name.

vivi screen showing guest code field, name field, and button to log in as guest

The name of the room will appear based on the Guest Code entered. Select the room displayed.

vivi screen showing available rooms, with large conference room (vivi) showing

The Vivi splash screen will display a random Room Code. That code is entered on the next window displayed.

vivi screen with field to fill in room code that is highlighted, and button labeled submit

The new display that appears will provide a number of options for sharing content. Select Present My Screen will mirror your display to the Vivi which in turn will display on the projector/Jamboard.

Once your screen is displayed, you can minimize the Vivi app.

vivi screen that displaying options associated with using the room vivi. Present my screen is highlighted

When you are done using the Vivi, open the application back up, and select Stop. This will cause the Vivi splash screen to appear once your display has been disconnected from the Vivi. 

vivi screen showing the stop option

Once your screen has stopped display, select the gear icon in the upper-righthand corner of the Vivi app. Select Log Out to exit your session with the Vivi unit.

two vivi screens with the left one showing the gear icon highlighted and the right image shoing the log out buttton highlighted

About Vivi

Designed by educators for educators, Vivi lets you create highly engaged learning environments with wireless screen mirroring, video, and feedback tools.  With Vivi, every student has a whiteboard in their hand. Sharing lesson notes and annotations has never been easier.  This is collaborative learning made simple.

Students seamlessly share their work via screen sharing, with teacher permission, facilitating improved learning outcomes, collaboration and critical thinking. Stream videos directly through Vivi for high def content that won’t affect the speed of your Wi-Fi network. Teachers save lots of time with Vivi, delivering a real return on investment. Collect, analyze, and report on everything tracked in Vivi with intuitive analytics dashboards.